Our Services

Plastic Injection moulding

Socobell has one of the biggest fleets of precision plastic injection moulding machines in Australia. This allows us to optimise and efficiently produce our customer’s products. We also mould the full spectrum of thermoplastic resins including hundreds of tonnes of recycled polymers.


Plastic decoration

Our state-of-the-art plastic painting facility can manage low volume, manually applied single coat applications up to high volume, fully automatic 3-coat painting systems.


Complex assemblies

Socobell can provide complex assemblies for our customers. Our assembly processes include plastic welding, labelling, printing and all types of fastening.


From Concept to Production…



Being a contract moulder, part of our vertical service is to offer our customer product development support at the initial concept phase. Conducting think tank sessions alongside our customers often brings workable ideas to the table which are then formally documented.



We can take your product concept and turn it into a working design. Our in-house design staff consists of a cross functional team covering all facets of manufacturing:


  • Product / Manufacturing Engineers
  • Moulding specialists
  • Tool makers
  • Jig and fixture specialists
  • Packaging designers


Rapid Prototyping

Socobell can prove your design by generating working product prototypes either by use of 3D printing or CNC machining using a variety of available materials. We can also manufacture prototype aluminium or resin tooling for limited run parts.


Samples & Testing

Our test laboratory can validate the performance and reliability of your product covering all aspects of plastic product testing. We have one of the largest environmental chambers of its type, able to handle large items up to two metres in length.


Finished Product & Manufacturing

Socobell can deliver a complete tooling and production system package that will manufacture a cost effective and reliable product to your specific requirements. Your product will be mass produced in a lean manufacturing environment consistent with a continuous improvement philosophy.


Other services

Our value-added services include:


  • Project management
  • Metrology/CMM
  • Vision system quality control
  • Logistic requirements


Socobell offers a vertically integrated service where all facets of product development, tooling and manufacture are performed in-house.

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